Consumer Electronics

Samsung makes cool products – but unfortunately how it’s communicated…. isn’t. It often feels cold and isolated from any part of our world.

So when we came onboard, we helped Samsung change up the way they showcased their Consumer Electronics in SEA – shifting it from information bulletins to elevated editorial experiences, showcasing how all of us could see these products in our own homes.

Making Samsung Consumer Electronics
part of the home.

By categorising our Samsung consumers into 3 groups - Homebodies, Families & Socialisers - we were able to craft personalised, relatable stories that showcased how Samsung products could not only be seamlessly integrated into their homes, but also help elevate their everyday.

Beyond Email. On to Social.

With the pandemic taking over 2020 completely, work-from-home lifestyles became the norm - and so did our consumer’s decision journey. No longer just a linear communication chain, we made sure our assets featured across relevant digital channels - in a way that felt organic and natural.

And since lifestyle photography was a key part of our approach in our visuals, the EDMs we designed were quite easily adapted as social posts, getting even more hits (and sales!).

Creative Agency: Iris Singapore
Creative Group Head: Vanessa Tan
Art Director: Daniel Aung
Senior Copywriter: Racquel Narciso
Senior Editor: Pamella Ang