Hide and Peach

The task was to make Starbucks Pink Peach beverages stand out on social through fun and quirky ways that pay homage to the rejuvenating nature of Japanese Spring.

We launch the season and introduce our new character - Pink Peach and allow people to fall for his charms. His characteristics will come to life through a series of videos and fun tutorials with a sample game-play experience, to get people intrigued and excited about the AR filter.

Balance the Peach

The filter features a peach character that walks around on your head, trying to keep balance. You can help the character keep balance by tilting your head left or right. Once the Peach has been ‘balanced’ 3 times, it will celebrate and petals will rain down and our beautiful cherry blossom-themed background will appear.

Creative Agency: Iris Singapore
Head of Art: Jenson Lee
Art Director: Daniel Aung
Senior Copywriter: Racquel Narciso
Senior Editor: Pamella Ang
AR Developer: Hector Caballero
3D: CraveFX